I'm baaaaaack!

After a few months with Wordpress, I decided to come back to Blogger.

There is a little wobble while I try to redirect my custom domain (www.jdconwell.com) back here, but fingers crossed that it will work soon.  The chat-helper at WP was generous and helpful, and said it looked like I had done everything w/ all the technical stuff I was supposed to do, but that always makes me nervous.  I'm about as technical as a bowling ball, and that stuff is so far over my head I'm amazed I didn't drown.

So I might not be able to recover the posts I made there, in order to bring them here...and if that's the case, then I might have to do a "Year of 2015 Retrospective" but it's safe to say that if the world never hears the tale of our move from TX to AZ, the new doll studio, and my new and interesting all-carnivore diet, life as we know it will continue to roll along just as well.

But to my blogger friends whom I have missed (because to Blog here is to see the reading list), I'm happy to be back among you.  Wordpress is great, but there must be something in the "free blog" thing that appeals to starving artists, because the traffic here vs. the traffic there was no contest, despite the professional quality and all those bells and whistles.  (Remember the bowling ball tech level here and you'll know how much I cared about those bells and whistles.)

Yesterday I finished NINE candlestick dolls.  I'll post pictures later today or next week.

It'll have to be one or the other because tomorrow I'm having LASIK surgery done, and I know from the hub's experience (he had his done last Friday) the first few days are a bit bleary, vision-wise.

So.  Today: groceries, and some minor housework.  Buy camera batteries, sand more doll heads.  Tomorrow: lazers zip open the corneas of my eyes and do a little etch-n-sketch on the back side, and close the flap.  Fingers crossed.  Am I nervous?  A little.

See y'all soon.
...returned from blog limbo.

Where have all the bloggers gone?

I had one of those moments...if I had been Gibbs on NCIS I would have smacked myself on the back of the head.

Duh.  Wondered why none of the bloggers I love to read had visited me at my new site.  Had I been visiting them?  NO!  Why not?  I was so used to reading other blogs when I did my regular posts that it didn't occur to me that that reading list would not just present itself in front of me.  In short: I totally spaced it.  I've been posting on the new one.  (Go to www.jdconwell.com if you want to catch up.)  And I've been lonely! Still trying to figure out the Word Press blog--it's like a monkey with a football, I'm afraid.  After my year is out, I may return to this one, if I can keep my domain name.

I'll decide that later.  For now, I've finally caught up with so many blog friends, doll friends, and kindred spirits.

As to our move: we're loving life in the desert mountains in Arizona.  What's not to love about 65 F in the mornings IN JULY?  Yes!  My yard is maybe a quarter of what I had in TX., but that's a good thing, I think.  Keeps me from spending so much time watering and weeding, and lets me spend more time making dolls. 

I'll soon have more to post, as I've got the studio up and running, and have been sculpting, sewing, stuffing, and painting like mad. 

So...this is basically an apology to those of you whose blogs were a regular stop in my week.  They will be again, now that I've had this cranial-anal-ectomy operation.  Ciao.

New Year, New Blog Site!

The hubs wanted me to research WordPress blogs for him.  No, he doesn't arbitrarily assign me things.  In this case, he was musing over the applications of a blog for Real Estate uses, and I volunteered, since I have already spent so many months of hours working through online site learning curves.

To that end, I figured since I've been wondering about a Wordpress blog in lieu of the website I worked up last year, I might as well use my site as a guinea pig and search it all out.  Then when it comes time to start his up, I can do so without maybe spending quite so much time on it.  Wordpress is notoriously more labor intensive, but I think in the long run it'll be worth it.  Besides, HTML skills are something I've always wanted to grow.  (Baby steps, right?)

SO.  I finally spent a day searching it all out, setting up the blog, and transferring alllll the posts from this blogger blog to that WP blog.  I still have tons of work to get it all lined out, and work to make it look pretty, to make the pages sensible, etc., but it's there, and it's functioning. 

Since I don't need two blogs--heck, I even gave up my MAIDA membership--I will close this blog and start posting over there.  The address is http://jdconwell.com and (I think) there's a follow button somewhere. My poor gray matter resembles rather lumpy oatmeal after a day of online research.  At any rate, this is NOT goodby, just a Virtual Change of Address.  I will be adding y'all's addresses to my Reading list there so I can keep up with my friends' posts, even if I have to do it through email notifications.

With our upcoming move, things are upside down and backward here, but I have a great feeling about this year...big changes in store not only for where we live, but also for Phil's job.  I always heard, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." but around here, it's only fair to keep Daddy happy too.  He needs to get this realty show on the road full time, and I'm happy to help him do it.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, and a wonderfully creative 2015!