Dec 6, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot ... well, you know.

I finally got a tree up this weekend...started the day after Thanksgiving, but put off the tree until I had some ornaments made.  I'm sort of shifting to a little less shiny-bauble and a little more natural materials.  Just something I've felt like doing the last couple of years.  Of course, I saved the ones the kids have made for me over the years, but now it's pine cones, cinnamon dough, and silly wooden toys stolen from the doll-making shop.  I even took apart a few strings of red beads, added tan beads that I'd found thrift shopping, and made a new garland.  That took an evening, but it was fun.

Juniper's first Christmas.  She's three now...and still loves the lights.

Here's hoping you enjoy a Christmas season of family and fun.  We don't have much of our family close, but I keep up with the ones who are far away and am loving their posts and stories of snow-play and the wonder of their children. 

Peace, y'all. 

Dec 3, 2016

Noel Night

There's a lady in Chandler AZ (about 2 hours from me, south east of Phoenix) who has an antique store within an antique mall.  She actually has five booths, all put together to make one shop, so to stay she has a store is not overstating matters.  Carries the most fascinating mix of antiques, Victorian themed art and clothing, architectural scavenges, and folk art.  I could stand there all day and not see all of it, so much detail.

Well, she found me at a doll show and asked if we could talk...the result of which talk was that she'll now be carrying my dolls in her store.  (I think I already posted this news, but didn't go back to see.)  Each year, the antique mall has an event called Noel Night, during which all the merchants have a sale and stay open late.  There's a restaurant which has great food, and music, etc., and it's apparently a pretty busy night.  Patti asked if I would make a particular doll for Noel Night, and of course I did.  Her name is Victoria Noel, and she's 28" tall.  Cloth and clay, as usual, and wool hair.

I've got three more dolls in the works for this event, and hope to have them all finished in time!  I'll post them when they're done.  But in the meantime, here is Victoria (Patti wanted an "attic fairy").

Nov 18, 2016

Finished one, and on to the next.

Commission order, that is.  I'm currently working on an Izannah doll.  It's a relaxing thing--never thought I'd say that about making an Izzy, since their clothing is so detail intensive--but after this last order, I welcome the hand stitching on cotton.

The last order, as I had posted earlier, was for 18 Carnival ornaments and a Marie Antoinette doll.  The ornaments were fun, and a bit of a challenge, as each had to be different...the design stage was a blast, as was the sculpting.  I didn't get great photos, but I've put them in a PicMonkey collage to make this a less photo-heavy post.

The Marie Antoinette doll...she is on her way to New York now, with the ornaments.  She has wool hair (who knew you could make ringlets with roving?) and wears all the proper layers of undies.  Her dress is silk, and the lace on her underskirt is antique.  I enjoyed this challenge, and while I hope it's a loooooong time before I have to sew silk again, I'm glad I had the chance to make this doll.

A week til Thanksgiving--we typically go hiking and have a bit of turkey (both of us carnivores now, no plant foods!) and then just take it easy.  What do you do for Thanksgiving?