Sep 17, 2017

Busy times!

I got a new commission for a cat doll, based on one I did years and years ago (I think the Universe is telling me to revisit what inspired me in the beginning!).  I'll be finishing her this week, and will have photos.  The cat that inspired the commission is here--only the new one will have a tutu and ballet slippers.

This little witch doll sold this weekend and will be on her way to Ohio--she's been hoping to have a new home by Halloween, and it looks like she'll have one.  Once I finish the new kitty and get her on her way, then I'll get busy with my set up for the upcoming doll show down in Phoenix.

In the mean time, I finished this little guy.  Something about that face just kills me.  He's only seven inches tall, but he seems to have a big presence.

Hope y'all's week is fabulous. 

Aug 31, 2017

That was then, this is now.

A nice lady I met on Facebook bought my little Frankenstein character...and then while she was looking at my Etsy shop's past sales, she encountered a previous piece of folk art she'd bought from me--several years ago!  It was kinda funny.  But anyway, while she was in the past sales thing, she found one of my verrrrrry first art dolls--back when I was making them out of gourds. 

She wanted a custom character similar to him.  The original was trick-or-treating, and this lady wanted an Easter Bunny with a basket of eggs, but otherwise, I tried to stay with the basic idea of a kid in a bunny suit.  (Who, it must be said, was originally inspired by the movie A Christmas Story.) 

So of course my imagination kicked into high gear at the challenge--to revisit a thing I'd made WAY back then, when I didn't know much at all about paper clay, or how to assemble these characters to be sturdy, or faces.  Or painting.  Or antiquing.  My techniques are so different, and I think the sculpting is better.  The original is still fun, but I am pleased to think my skills have grown in the seven years since I made him.

Of course now I'm thinking of revisiting a lot of the ideas I had back then--they were good ideas, and with new techniques, they'll be good again.  Cheers! 

Aug 29, 2017

And just like that, there were tiny angels.

I was working like crazy on little Halloween peeps, and just like that...I went another direction.  Not sure if these little angels are related to any holiday--one of them has Halloweenish colors, but that's about it.  I just got them in my head and couldn't get them out. 

So I'll get real photos and post them in my Etsy shop later, but right now, here are some little angels.  I hope your week is fabulous.