May 18, 2017

California Bound...

No, not me.  But Miss Noel is on her way this morning.  There's a nice lady who has over the years bought several of my folk art pieces, and Noel is on her way to join them.  I love making the odd pieces, not exactly dolls, but doll-ish, if that makes sense. 

This one is part of a series I did last year that I called The Painted Ladies.  They have sad or at least contemplative expressions, as is fitting if one had to endure a life in which there seems little choice of career.  

Miss Noel

I, however, have a choice and a possibly wonderful opportunity coming up--renting space in an Art Market in our area.  More about that later--exciting times! 

Hope everybody's weekend is fabulous.

Apr 27, 2017


I made a resolution early this year, and that was to NOT work on doll-related stuff in the evenings when the hubs and I watch TV.  It was beginning to feel like work, and I love the doll biz too much to let it become drudgery.  But I do like having some kind of handwork to do (call me a multi-tasker--I can watch Bones reruns and sew!  Woohoo!). 

I also have a Folk Art Fair coming up in June, so I figured I could do little tops for the tons of papermache boxes I have in the studio.  (Does anybody else suffer from an addiction to small containers?  It's a sadness I'm trying to turn into a happiness.)  One is a punch needle, using 3 strands of embroidery cotton, the others are wool applique and embroidery.  The Thistle is not yet complete, but in all, I'm enjoying the work AND being productive.

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend. 

Apr 15, 2017

Irises for sale!

I've got to clear out my iris beds--never move to a place with a tiny yard when you have an insane love of gardening--and to that end, I've listed the NOID's (no i.d.) to make room for the others.  If you have any need for iris, or know of anyone who does, these are healthy, and will be freshly dug and prepared for planting upon arrival.  The ebay listing is here. 

If you don't want ten rhizomes, I'd write a smaller listing for five at a time (half the price and 2/3 of the shipping--iris are heavy.  :) 

Happy Easter!