Aug 11, 2017


I'm working on Halloween dolls now.  Most specifically, sculpted smalls, because they're faster than big dolls and they're fun.  But they're not ready for their close-ups yet, so...

Here's Punkin, who is just now finished and in my shop.  (I have lots of dolls there right now!)  For Punkin, I found an old pattern--one from the 1930's--that I call the "baseball head babies" because of the way the pattern pieces go together.  She's a fat little thing, with her arms and legs button-jointed.  Her hair is Tibetan lamb, and her booties are wool felt.  She's a little bit of a hippy chick, with her asymmetrical hair and the twists of bittersweet vine for a necklace.


I try to live in the now, and appreciate what is in front of me.  But even though I'm a gardener, the last of the summer months and the heat just wear me out.  I'm so looking forward to Fall!  We don't get great fall color here--the desert doesn't do deciduous trees as well as other places--but the temps get cooler and the dog-walking can be in the afternoon with the hubs instead of only me in the mornings.  We have gotten more than our normal 8" of rain this year, so maybe the trees we do have will be a little more colorful. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Aug 4, 2017

Progress Derailed (or Mundane Life Asserts Itself)

For some reason--and if you make things, you know exactly how fickle the Creative Muse can be--I have really had a productive streak for several weeks.  I have dolls in the works, I'm finding certain elusive traits as I work on them, and I'm totally jazzed about upcoming ideas. 

And then--stop!  Not because the Muse has clammed up.  No.  In fact, she's yammering away in the back of my head, "Oh, you really need to get back in much to do."

I'm stopping because I need to clean this house!  My housework, much like my creativity, tends to ebb and flow.  Only with housework, I confess there is much more ebb than flow.  I read a funny on somebody's FB page:

Yep.  Only only that whole "every week" thing is kinda funny.  So, ten minutes?  More like two days.  Horrible, I know.  The spousal unit definitely had to lower his standards when we married.  I tend to the basics--the bathrooms and kitchen are clean--well, they're not health hazards.  But the rest?  That's not clutter--that's my Sewing End Table.  That's not dust, that's a protective covering for...everything.

We seldom have company, which is how I end up letting it get this way.  I would LOVE to have more company, but it just doesn't happen often.  Brother and Sister-in-law are coming up this weekend and I am tickled silly--they're fun people.  But you know...the house. 

So that's the end of my rant-whine, because adulting is hard and waaah! 

I do have two dolls ready to list--no, wait, one is already listed, but anyway:



Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL, and that it includes very little housework.  Or a lot, if you like that kind of thing. 

Jul 31, 2017

Just Another Manic Monday

Sorry if I just gave you an ear-worm with the post title...I just gave myself one, too. 

But after a long and somewhat weird weekend, I wanted to lighten up a bit.  So, some baby animal photos I found on Pinterest, and a bit of silliness. 

Here's the silliness:

(I'm not sorry for that.)