Nov 24, 2015


Sometimes when I am thrift shopping, I come across odd wooden shapes that catch my imagination.  There's a nearby shop with a nice craft section--constantly updated with new stuff because we live in a geriatric demographic, and there are, to be frank, a lot of estate sales from crafty old ladies.

Consequently, I have way too much craft wood, and need to just go make all the things I imagined!  In this one instance, the little wooden cone suggested a skirt--no real challenge there--but I felt compelled to make an angel doll for the upcoming PFATT Marketplace in early December.  Too late for holiday things when they sell Christmas stuff before Halloween, but here she is, never the less.

She looks a little like my granddaughter, Jennifer.  Her wings are cardboard, w/ paste and clay.  Her hair is wool yarn.  Along with old sheet music, an illustration of Mary and Jesus, and some old lace, she turned out all right.  I still have to attach her sparkly halo, but didn't do that before I took pictures.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and much to be grateful for.

Nov 19, 2015

The Schultz got a haircut.

Our mini-schnauzer, Schultz, has been the not-so-enthusiastic beneficiary of a professional groomer this year.  I only take him once every three months, so he gets pretty shaggy in between haircuts.  I bathe him in the work sink in the garage, and he's no happier about that than he is about the groomer.

But when I go pick him up, I can see his eyes again!  He's so expressive when I can actually SEE his face.  :~)

He's ten years old now...and like the husband, he's getting more "salt" than "pepper".  Hard to believe he was almost black when he was a puppy.  Our buddy.

This was a photo from late last year, and doesn't show his new hair cut...but it's one of my favorite photos--ever.

Nov 16, 2015


We futzed around this morning, (okay, I futzed, he worked) and since AZ doesn't do the daylight savings time, we don't open the blinds to sunlight until almost 7 these days.  And look what I found when I did open them! 

It must have happened really fast, because we got up at 5:30 and let the dog out, no snow then.  I know it's not exactly a call for the snow plows, but I haven't seen snow in years!  At least not since we lived in New Mexico.  I'll have to go out and play in it a little...or take the dog out and pretend it's for him.  :~)

Hope your week is fabulous, my friends. 

(P.S. We live with our back to the golf course, and these were taken off the back deck.)