Sep 30, 2011

Sculpting again.

She has a way to go, but I think this wee little wooden jointed doll will be a favorite.

The others are mostly finished...just need, um...arms, legs, and clothes.

Okay, lots of work left before the Oct. doll show in Austin.  I've sold enough dolls that I really need to finish more, or else I'll have a couple of pretty bare-looking tables!


  1. your dols are adorable. They all have such sweet faces.

  2. A big dose of inspiration here! Second from Left looks like a cowboy to me...right?

  3. Oops, I mean Second from Right...getting too late tonight to be commenting.

  4. I thought about a cowboy, but he's corrected me. He's sort of a leave-it-to-Beaver suburban boy who has discovered a secret fishing hole. And he reeeeeelly likes bugs. I think he looks like Grissom on CSI. :~)

  5. You know I love the bare look, and I love her expression at this stage...back to work now!!!



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