Mar 27, 2014

An Art Doll Website!

I have been working to consolidate my pages.  This blog has been fun, but it doesn't do what I need it to, business-wise, I have a real, honest-to-goodness website, with a store and everything.  I'd love for you to pop over and see what you think, and drop me a line from there if you'd like.

There are several ideas for tutorials I'll be adding later, but for now the tutorials page isn't in the navigation, except via the front page, and I confess I enjoy monkeying around with the program to make edits, but it's up.  If it were a toy boat, I could push it out on the lake and watch it sail.

Back when I was working and learning with writers a lot, we had many discussions about "Branding" for a writer.  I took it to heart and feel it might apply to an artist's business too.  Thus the website, the new business cards, and tie-ins to Pinterest and Facebook.

The hubs and I talked about what image I should use, and we agreed that no single doll I make represents what I do well enough to use a photo of it.  Sooooo, I did a silly thing and used a photo of me on my first birthday.  It's fun, has a vintage flavor, and says we're all just kids at heart.

Of course, I looked a little like Buddy Hackett when I was a year old, but maybe folks will overlook that.  


  1. Your new doll website is wonderful. Great look. That must have been lots of work. You amaze me with your diverse talent, you are truly an artist. Yes, you a "little" like Buddy Hackett, but I loved him. He was my favorite in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! I would consider that a compliment!

    1. Sherri, I'd love to take credit for the website design, but it's a drag and drop program and (almost) idiot proof. It was work, but not nearly as much as if I'd "made" it. :~D

  2. Jan, Very nice web site. I looked it over and like it a lot. Lots to look at and plenty of information for a person looking to buy or have you make them a doll. You were a very cute little girl. I know that working and maintaining a website is lots of trouble. I hope that you get lots of traffic and lots of buyers. In a world made of plastic now, it is nice to know that a person can find and have made for themselves a special doll or an item they want. Beautiful work and fine website.

  3. Congratulations on your new Web site. No matter what you say, this was a lot of work, thoughtfully planned and laid out from a too z. Best wishes for your continued success with your Jan made dolls.


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