The Conwells' Story

Once upon a time, there were two Conwells (one by birth, the other by marriage) who decided to stop moving around and settle down in South Texas. Just south of San Antonio, to be exact. This is the story of how they made a place for themselves, made a living out of patchwork passions, and made a handcarved life that suited them perfectly. (Okay, nothing is really perfect, but these two are optimistic.)

They met in North Central Texas, at Sheppard AFB. She was teaching a Technical Writing course for the Air Force, and he was a Staff Sergeant, teaching a Heavy Construction Equipment Tech School for that same Air Force. In this instance, he was also a student of the Tech Writer Course...which made any "fraternization" strictly verboten.

Two weeks and some interesting discomfort went by, after which, Tech Writer Diploma in hand, he asked her out. She said, of course, "Yes."

Almost a year later, they decided that the two of them, (plus her three kids and his one kid) would make a great family. The kids (mostly) agreed. They went hiking, played softball, yelled at each other, cooked homemade pizzas, took turns, loved pets, and little by little, grew up. They moved around a lot...from North Central Texas to Missouri, then to Montana. The eldest son and daughter left the nest there, and the remaining kids were brought back to North Central Texas, where they finished high school and flew their way as well. This left our two Conwells with a decidedly empty (and much less expensive) nest.

So on orders from the AF, they moved to Florida, where she stayed home and wrote a couple of novels, painted, and played in the mud. He was a Civil Engineering Shop Chief, making Eglin AFB a better place to live and work. They liked Florida, except for the humidity and bugs. He retired from the AF after a few years, and they decided to try New Mexico.

You see, they had a dream. (Yea, it sounds corny, but people do have them.) They wanted a homestead where they could make the life they wanted, independent of Performance Evals and W-2 Forms. Deciding after a year that the dream they had envisioned was being choked out by the dusty, windy place they'd landed on, they moved back to Texas. This time, in San Antonio.

That's where we find our two Conwells today,
living happily ever after, 
with a mini schnauzer called Schultz,
and Schultz's foster cat, Waylon.