Prescott Art Market

A new and interesting chapter in the doll biz has opened officially yesterday.  I signed for my first three months at the Prescott Art Market, a gallery that has been in our area for seven or eight years.  They moved to their new location in 2015, and are thriving.  The store is beautiful, with well-spaced and elegant displays, featuring over seventy local artists.  Painting, pottery, sculpture, jewelry--so many types of art represented.  I'm excited to have my work there, and am looking forward to seeing what happens!

Forgive the photos--I forgot my camera and had to use my phone.  But here it is.  I got it set up (mostly) yesterday, and of course I'll have to make changes--I'll play with it on and off every week when I go in--but the display is in a good spot in the gallery, and I like it.

It was bigger than I thought!  Now I'll need to make more dolls.  The last photo is of the display as you come in the front door of the gallery.