Mar 11, 2010

What's growing in the Hermits' Garden?

Lots of wildflowers! Some tame ones, too. And veggies, fruit trees, herbs...all kinds of stuff! I did a "wildflower tour" of the yard the other day. Later the yard will really explode with color, but right now, we have early volunteers. The heavy rains this winter have made the native bluebonnets go crazy...I look like a doddering drunkard when I walk around the yard, because I try to avoid stepping on them. Takes a while to get anywhere this way, but they're so beautiful! Also, Indian Paintbrush came up this year--I didn't even know it grew here.

I'm sorry for just piling the pictures all up at the top, but the picture formatting rig on Blogger leaves something to be desired...

We planted fruit trees--two peaches, two plums and a fig (to replace the one winter killed) and I moved a Chasteberry, a Mexican Elderberry, and a Desert Willow to their new homes. The apple tree is very happy, and I'm thinking he needs a mate, so a new one will be joining him soon. ( soon as I figure out where to put her.) The veggie garden is growing too--both in the amount of plants and the beds that are going in.

So far we have strawberries, snap and snow peas, green beans, chard, carrots, turnips, lettuce, spinach, nasturtiums, about 10 different kinds of herbs, roses, broccoli, and lots of weeds I haven't gotten rid of yet.

The tomatoes, tomatilloes, peppers, asparagus, cucumbers, all the squashes, cantaloupes, and various other things are waiting til I get the beds dug and lined.

And last but not least, the Live-oak trees are in the process of Re-Leafing. I love how they turn gold in March, waiting until the new leaves are ready before dropping the old ones.

Spring has sprung!

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