Apr 5, 2010

The Jan Cave is finished.

We hang three light bars on the ceiling this week, and move the kiln into place, but otherwise, it is done. Countertops, big shelves, table for glaze work, and the wedging table (very sturdy). I can't believe I painted it WHITE. But the light's better that way, and I'll be too busy to notice anyway. :~)

We've also finished building the frames for the veggie beds, and digging them in w/ two truckloads of compost. I'm working on the last of the trellises and tomato cages, and putting landscape timbers around the perimeter beds...then that will be done too. Oops, I lied. We still have a trailer or two of mulch to come in for the paths and for the beds, THEN it'll be done.

The asparagus crowns should arrive this month (according to our climate zone, they'd have been here a month ago!) and those will go just outside the garden fence, tucked in behind the sugar snap peas. It's already looking soooo green, and I've had a radish and swiss chard salad already.

Pictures very soon.

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