May 20, 2010


(Click once for zoom, twice for ultra-zoom.)

Okay, this isn't's the Schultz and his foster cat Waylon, bein' all luvy-duvy.

Mexican Elderberry. Apparently I'm going to have to wait until the bush gets bigger (right now it's only 3 or 4 feet tall) before it has enough berries for me AND the birds.

Blackberries. Well, they're blackberries now, right here they were only flowers...or, berries-to-be. Of course they'll ripen while we're on vacation. Hope the neighbor girl likes blackberries. Hmph.

The Red Cascade rose...she's sprawling all over the place, and constantly flowering.
I think she likes living here.

Larkspur, yarrow, pansies, roses (way in the back, probably can't see them) and poppies!

I try not to splurge on plants...or at least buy the ones that provide food, medicine, bird-cover or evergreen landscape value. But this black iris...I just couldn't resist. Too bad you can't smell it on the's heavenly.

These pictures aren't the most recent--they're a couple of weeks old at least, and I'll load up the more recent ones soon--the veggie garden is amazing now!

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