Aug 29, 2010

An Art Doll BOOK!

I think he believed me that I reeeeeeelly loved this book.  I checked it out from the Cortez Library near us, and then rechecked it, and then rechecked it again.  Then one came in the mail...for me!  My spousal unit may not say much at times, but he does know how to say I Love You with style.

Thank you, Phil.


  1. Awwww … now *that's* LOVE! :)

  2. Yea. He's a great one for pretending he hasn't heard me...pretending he's NOT taking the hint. The only thing is I have to be sure not to say I want something for a Yule or Birthday gift, because he hates being told what to get, and I so won't get what I asked for. Strange and wonderful man.

    Have you seen this book? It's worth a trip to the library, for sure.


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