Sep 22, 2010

Cleaned the Lair...

Getting ready for the art fair this weekend in Kerrville, Tx.  If you happen to be in the Hill Country this weekend, come see us!  It's the Kerr County Market Days, Sept. 25th, and it's held around the County Courthouse grounds.  Beautiful place, lots of shade and green lawn.  It's a juried, handmade-only market, which suits us right down to the ground.

Because I finally had to stop making dolls long enough to do some final booth-decor sewing, I had to clean up the gawd-awful place I call the Lair (a.k.a. Jan's room).  Phil never has to do this, because he is logical, tidy, and keeps everything where it ought to be.  He's not a neat-freak, just extremely practical.  I can barely spell practical...and so.  This is my room, after it's been cleaned, and almost ready to be sewn in.

I'm so stoked about this art fair!  Even if it's been raining for days now: we're believing this wonderful band of weather will rain itself out and move on.  That's the plan, anyway.

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  1. I hope the rain moves out for you and that you have an excellent show. :o)
    Thanks for dropping by and following my blog! I love your gourd dolls and the beautiful leather work. Great blog here!


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