Sep 10, 2010

So much to do, so little time...

And yet, here I sit at the computer...well, sort of twisted around sideways to type because the dog has some allergic bite on his butt and is so freaked out by it he won't get off me.  Poor little guy.

We have our first South Texas art fair coming up.  We've set up in Montana, Florida, New Mexico, and North Texas...but this is our first time in this area.  Have to learn a new market.  And too, our business has changed focus from reenactment costuming and hand made leather goods to a more contemporary market and folk art.  So lots of new things to learn.

Sooooo the first fair in the hill country is Kerr County Market Days...not a big show, but a learning ground for us, and a great price for a juried, handmade-only venue.  Free to the public, set along the County Courthouse grounds.  Beautiful old trees everywhere, manicured green lawn, pet friendly...I loved it when we went to check it out--and that was in July!  It was amazingly cool in the shade, so we sat and had a mini-picnic at one of the tables scattered around.

The "so much to do" part is just finishing the booth displays, etc.  I've gotten a long way toward finished, but being the type to go manic over details, I want. it. to. be. perfect.

Anyway, if you happen to be near Kerrville, TX, on Sept. 25th, come look us up.  The Hermits' Garden.    We'll be the ones with the perfect booth.  Or not.  ;~)


  1. 'Til the season! And I hope your pup feels better soon.

  2. He is much better, thanks Rosemari. I won't go into what was wrong with him--gross on so many levels. But the Vetman got him all fixed up, and now he's ready to be our Travelin' Dog again. (He's put in a lot of miles with us in the last five years...)


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