Oct 21, 2010

The Hermits' Garden goes live...

I realize I'm extremely tardy in posting pictures of our event in Kerrville. But since the day after the art fair, I've been, um, busy. But now that my Semi-colon is healing well and I've got more energy and strength, (does anybody think semi-colon is funny? I do.) these are the pictures of our setup. I took the photos right after we got it together, with a seriously overcast sky and clouds threatening rain any moment. We lucked out and the rain passed us by.

Okaaaaay...I've had to edit this to say: BROKEN LINKS!  TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!
I'll post later with pics of the booth from November's art fair in Boerne.  And I'll be sure to load the pictures right, so there are no links to be broken.  :~)

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