Nov 8, 2010

The Fall Garden

I spent the summer tending to pretty much anything BUT the garden, but with the cooler temperatures and a little bit of Fall rain (or is that rainfall?) things have managed without me.  In the last month I've picked probably 10 lbs of peppers--bell, Anaheim, and yellow banana peppers.  They're great to eat fresh and the first two are perfect for chopping up and freezing for quick cooking.

Besides the unexpected bounty of peppers, some of the landscaping has seen fit to bless us with a flower show.  So I thought I'd pass along the blessing.

Pink and Red Turk's Cap, just off the back deck.

The actual "caps".  Hummingbirds love these.

Turk's Cap fruit.  Edible, but not tasty except in tea.

Care for a cuppa?

I was too late to catch the moonflowers before they started closing up for the morning.  They bloom at night...

...and have taken over the end of the house.  

"Yellow Bells" Esperanza...against a 6' fence.  It's usually full of very busy, very happy bumble bees.

No, the tree isn't blooming: it's dead.  But the Coral Vine I planted at the base of it has climbed and done a nice job of decorating, don't you think?  

One of my all-time favorites...Asters.  Bees love these too, and so do the butterflies.

Cardinal Creeper...creeping up the carport.

Cardinal creeper up close: more hummingbird food.

This is "Old Man's Beard" clematis, a Texas Native... 

The flowers are insignificant, but the seed heads make up for it.
So...that's the tour.  I love living in a place where we can grow stuff all year long!


  1. What a beautiful garden! All our flowers are kaput (sp?) and before long we will have snow everywhere. You have so many beautiful flowers! And btw, I love your new haircut. :) xox Pam

  2. SNOW? I'm a little jealous, because our beautiful flowers come at the cost of a White Winter...

    But still, we gotta enjoy what we have when we have it, right?


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