Nov 23, 2010

Finished my first doll challenge.

So the challenge on Art Dolls Only--at least the recent mini-challenge--was to make a doll with a medium we've never used before.  I've played with so many materials over the years, not necessarily with dolls, but other arts.  The one art medium I've wanted to try to make a doll of?  Junk.  Yeah, just whatever my little dumpster-diver mind can scrounge up around here.

(The husband is frugal and practical, but he does cringe sometimes at what I drag home.)

She has a mixer beater wrapped in a ribbon skirt as a beginning, some copper wire and 30-06 shells for arms, wall mirror brackets for hands, shelf-bracket plugs for feet (w/ a little paperclay and glitter.)  Her face is sculpted paperclay with upholstery tack eyes and a ball-chain mouth on an orange juice tin-lid, with curly red wire hair.  Her upper body is paperclay illustrated with a decoupage of the one who broke her heart.  Couldn't resist pointy acorn cap boobies...

I began this doll with the idea to make a "Kitchen Angel" but somehow she morphed into a Single Career Girl of the fifties, smiling with determined cheerfulness because that's what Nice Girls do.  Her smile doesn't get anywhere with the old matrons of the place, however.  They see her hour-glass figure and judge her shiny glitter...and whisper, "It's not my place to say, but that one...she's been known to stir up trouble."

I enjoyed the chance to stretch a little, try something I've always wanted to try, and experience the absolute joy of experimentation.  Thank you Art Dolls Only for the challenge!

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