Nov 4, 2010

Folk art Christmas Elf Doll

I haven't named her...and am open to suggestions at this point.  But I have always felt there needs to be more girl elves for the holidays, and so here's one I made of cloth and paperclay and paint.

This was my second experiment in paperclay sculpted over a cloth doll.  The first one was a rounded, pieced head, this one was a flat, rag-doll head.  I like her a lot.  One of the dangers of making dolls is...I want to keep them all!  (This one especially since I collect Christmas Elves!)


  1. Really cute elf girl! I agree there should be more elf girls!
    You asked me on my blog if I was going to make more Snarky Girl Dolls in the same colors and clothing patterns. The answer is no. They will all be different although I really liked that skirt design. I'm working on a Goth/Punk Ballerina right now. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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