Nov 24, 2010

Giving Thanks...

What are you thankful for?  A friend of mine up in Henrietta TX, (wave Hi Donna!) has been running a month-long Facebook theme of what she's thankful for.  As lives go, there have been much better and much worse lives than hers, but hers sure as hell ain't been easy...which is why her determination to count her blessings inspires me so.  Even if you have to get down to the fundamental or the ridiculous--thankful to not have lobsters eating my eyeballs this morning--there is always, I repeat, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

This year, we'll probably go to Luby's or some place for dinner, because
a. The Phillip doesn't really care about thanksgiving food of any kind, and would rather go hiking...and
b. It's just the two of us, as usual, down here in South Texas, with our family spread out all over the world.  Literally.

But that doesn't mean I am immune to the sparkly contagion of the holiday spirit that has been floating around.  (Said spirit to be the subject of a later post.)  The leaves on the oaks out front are finally changing color, and the weatherman promised a freeze in the hill country to ring in Black Friday for San Antonio shoppers.  I'm grateful that they fixed the broken water main out front yesterday and that our roof keeps the rain out.  Grateful to feel healthy, grateful that my family, however scattered, is also healthy.  I'm grateful that my husband makes me laugh every single day, and that my dog loves his foster cat.  There are so many things I'm thankful for, it would make for really boring reading.  But I do have a point.  (Really?  Yes.)

I am grateful for Donna's insistence that we LOOK at the blessings in our lives, and not just trot them out by rote, taking them for granted, numbly following a What Are You Thankful For routine because the calendar shows the fourth Thursday in November.  Thanks are an inspiration and a great lady.

Now...having said that...what are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Im thankful for family and friends and that we all want to be together
    hugs Belinda

  2. Thanks for your kind words Jan. Honestly some days it has been hard to get my head around what I am thankful for but this has been a good exercise in focusing on the positive. So today I am thankful for those who listen and are inspired. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. There's so much to be thankful... Health, family, love, and also online friends.

  4. Besides family and friends both online and close-up, I'm thankful that my adopted eight year old cat will spend her second Thanksgiving with us instead of in the cage where she spent six months waiting to be adopted.

  5. Hello Jan, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for the strength that helped me through tough times growing up, my close friends, my fiancé who I adore, all the happiness in my life, my secure job, the amazing art community that exists and is so accessible online....and arriving home safely from Mexico last night in time for a family meal today :)

  6. Amazing how great it feels to concentrate on what's right with our lives instead of what's wrong, eh? Thanks you all for visiting and letting me share the joy of your lives...


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