Nov 11, 2010

I'm an ADO member now!

Geek-dweeb-doofus-nerd-dorkfish warning: Squeeeeee!

Okay.  I got to join Art Dolls Only.  Now, I realize this was not the most difficult and elite membership to join, and they are nice enough to extend the invitation to a total of 125 members, and they have recently revamped the membership to freshen things up a bit.  But Squeeeeee! anyway.  I think these people are some of the most talented, imaginative and inspiring artists in the world, and I'm honored to get to pal around with them as an ADO member.

As the hubs and I are currently in the process of buying and (soon) rehabing a rent house, my time is eaten up with lenders, contractors, inspectors, etc.  But I'm stoked about the prospect of adding new artist links and blogs here for you to explore, and having so much inspiration for artwork to investigate...

The best part?  Challenges.  Constant challenges to fire up the imagination, keep us involved and creative.  The first challenge I've joined is "Medium Mayhem".  The goal: make a doll using a medium I've not worked with before.  One thing I've been itching to try is Assemblage Art, (going to have to buy that danged Dada book) and that is where I'm going with this one.

But for now, I have to get off this computer, go get my shower, and head out to our future-rent-house and walk around with general contractors.  Exciting, in its way, but not near as fun as making dolls!
Hope your Thorsday is a blast.

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