Dec 21, 2010

I finished Jack!

The most recent ADO challenge was Jack Frost.  Of course, I take things very literally, so I had to see just how Jack Frost I could make him.  He ended up being more of a Jack Sparrow meets Mad Hatter version, but I like him.  I had never done a batting-wrapped wire frame for a doll, so the learning curve was steeper than with the gourd dolls, but every little bit of learning counts, right?  I also learned that if you're making clothes for a static-frame doll, you better leave some seams open so you can sew them once they're ON the doll.  Let's hear it for the ol' learning curve.  :~)  He's listed on Etsy now...and will be on Artfire soon.

Anyway, here he his.  I hope you like him.


  1. Great job and YEAH for the learning curve...what would we do without it. LOL


  2. Hello !!! I had to come by and visit with you for a bit, your Jack is wonderful!!!Thanks so much for your visits and sweet comments!!!!

  3. Thanks, guys--Jack was featured in a treasury yesterday, his first day on Etsy. My daughter called and said "Mom, why did you make him so girly?" Everybody's a critic. ;~)

  4. WOW! He is really magical - I love him! His expression is really wonderful. :) Congrats on a gorgeous doll! xox


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