Dec 29, 2010

Painting boxes.

I have several papermache boxes, collected over the last year, and lately I've had this urge to turn them into something.  Two so far are destined to be sewing notion boxes, w/ little pin keeps on top and a tiny doll.  The other two I've worked up in coordinating colors--aqua, dark tan, and cream...thinking of some kind of "doll" by stacking them.

My house is not geared toward the "shabby chic" decorating style--the hubs doesn't put his foot down on anything house-wise, but he nurtures the quiet hope that I will continue to keep it mostly gender-neutral.  ;~)  Nevertheless, I absolutely melt in the presence of old cabbage roses, pink ribbon, and rustic white paint.  So I think I'll make the notion-boxes doll to fill that particular craving.  Maybe someone else will be able to enjoy the results.

Hope your Wodin's Day is creative, interesting and full of love given and received.

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