Dec 3, 2010

The Spam Monster...

Every morning I have a routine...check the emails, check the store sites, check blogs, ADO, facebook, twitter, and then re-check emails.  We have several email accounts, each with a different purpose.  One thing I always have to check is the Spam Filter.  You know, to make sure I don't dump something that got snagged there by mistake.  In my head, it's like checking a sort of cyber-sewer filter, slimy and gross, with the stink of bottom-feeders.

The funny (no, not funny really) thing is, I always feel that simply OPENING the spam folder is enough to let some of them through.  Like they see me reading the subject lines of the I've made eye contact with the monster and it sees me looking.  Ick.

Now, I realize this is not the case.  Even I'm not technologically ignorant enough to think the emails can see me touching the filter to empty it.  But it still creeps me out.  Just sayin'.

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