Dec 31, 2010

Target Practice

Okay, call me a redneck dorkfish, but I love my guns.  I shoot a Rossi .38 Special, a Taurus 709 "Slim" .9mm, a Taurus PT92 .9mm, a teeny little Taurus .22, and a Browning marksman .22 for really accurate long range fun.  The hubs has a couple of Glock .9mms, a Ruger .45, and a really cool old Taurus .357 magnum revolver that we shoot .38's out of.  Accurate as hell.

We had a short series of private lessons last year.  At the end of the lesson, our show-boat instructor (a bear of a guy) put a bowling pin up and challenged us to his traditional "end of the lesson" shoot. We went back 65 yards, and he said to me, "Don't expect to be real accurate with that little gun.  Just ain't got what it takes."  He then used Phil's glock, and shot the bowling pin off the piling on the second try.  I got my little Taurus Slim, got into a firing position that he criticized, and then shot the pin off on the FIRST try.  At 65 yards.  Priceless.

Taurus 709 "Slim"

The concentration required for target practice is as consuming as finding a creative "zone" and we come home worn out and mellow.  And poorer by several boxes of ammunition!  Then we spend an hour cleaning everything.  Good times.  Not for everybody, maybe, but that's part of what makes he and I such good friends, despite the fact that we're so different from one another in so many other way. practice today with my husband.  Followed by a lazy afternoon of reading in a quiet house.

Hope your New Year is full things you love to do.


  1. Wishing you and yours a wonderous and prosperous New Year, Jan!!!!

  2. Jan, you crack me up! Nice shot. ;) Happy New year to you and yours! xo Pam

  3. Nothing wrong with being a redneck dorkfish!
    Happy New Year :)

  4. Thanks guys!
    We ended up having such a great day! Went to B & N after practice to buy a Nook. Then to lunch at Cheddar's, then to a sporting goods store. Yes, we have odd Date Days, but we like 'em.

  5. Blimey! I never thought of you as a gun person! tee hee. They scare the pants off me. I guess not having been bought up with them doesn't help; The English Government thinks us Brits are not safe as it is, let alone with gun in hand!!


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