Dec 6, 2010

Two sales, one coupon code...

Has to do with a leaky memory, maybe.  Dunno.  But on our two stores, the Hermits' Garden on Artfire, and the JDConwell Etsy store, I put up a coupon for discounts until December 18.  The Hermits are offering free shipping on every item, and JDConwell (love the third person much?) is offering 10% on any item.  Mostly I was just playing around with coupon codes, having decided I should at least see what they're about.

Pretty fun, really...and easy.  Almost too easy.  Yeah, so why use the same code?  I just liked the code, actually, and it seemed to work.  SOooooo, to that end, if you use coupon code 2010Yuletide in either store, you'll save a little do-re-mi.  And that's always a good thing.

This little guy found a new home for the holidays, he and his birdy buddy.

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