Jan 3, 2011

The EYES have it!

I'm in the process of making two dolls (okay, three, but one is sorta side-lined right now).  Recently I saw a tutorial about how to make eyes.  So of course I had to try the product --it's called Gel du Soleil, an epoxy that cures with UV rays.  I'd never heard of it, but it sure seemed better than the ones you have to mix, never knowing how much or how little you should make. 

The stuff cures fast, extremely hard, and seems fairly controllable.  Essentially, you make your eyeballs, use a pencil (or some flat circular end-of-something) to make an "iris".  Paint the iris, then put one drop of the gel in it, allowing the surface tension to keep it rounded, like an eye lens.  Cure in the sun for about 15 minutes. Then either add another drop, smear it around and recure, or use another clear product to finish "glossing" the rest of the eye.  I've been using a Mod-Podge clear stuff for eyes so far...I'll try several ways to finish.

I still need to work with this a little, since I did my process a little bass-ackward (sculpted doll head and eyes, then added gel), but it seems like it's gonna work!  Pictures soon...


  1. Never heard of this, will have to do some looking into it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. One thing I've learned is to make sure your objects are flat when curing.

  3. cool, I've played with making my own eyes but haven't mastered a technique I like as much as my painted eyes yet. interested to see an update on this!


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