Jan 24, 2011

And now for something COMPLETELY different...

Inspired by tales of Morrigan, a Celtic deity who can trace her roots back to the megalithic cult of Mothers, I wanted to tell the other side of a ghoulish Scottish folk song called Twa Corbies (Two Ravens).  So here is Morrigan, having "thatched her nest when it grows bare-oh".  Death gives way to regeneration...

Below the pics you'll find both versions of Twa Corbies as a poem, along with a You-Tube video of the folk song.  The modern English one is more accessible, but the old one is the one sung.  

The Twa Corbies
As I was walking all alane,
I heard twa corbies makin a mane;
The tane unto the ither say,
"Whar sall we gang and dine the-day?"
"In ahint yon auld fail dyke,
I wot there lies a new slain knight;
And nane do ken that he lies there,
But his hawk, his hound an his lady fair."
"His hound is tae the huntin gane,
His hawk tae fetch the wild-fowl hame,
His lady's tain anither mate,
So we may mak oor dinner swate."
"Ye'll sit on his white hause-bane,
And I'll pike oot his bonny blue een;
Wi ae lock o his gowden hair
We'll theek oor nest whan it grows bare."
"Mony a one for him makes mane,
But nane sall ken whar he is gane;
Oer his white banes, whan they are bare,
The wind sall blaw for evermair." 

(Now in clear English...  :~)

The Two Ravens
As I was walking all alone,
I heard two ravens making moan;
The one unto the other did say,
"Where shall we go and dine today?"
"In behind that old turf wall,
I sense there lies a new slain knight;
And no-one knows that he lies there,
But his hawk, his hound and his lady fair."
"His hound is to the hunting gone,
His hawk to fetch the wild-fowl home,
His lady has taken another mate,
So we may make our dinner sweet."
"You will sit on his white neck-bone,
And I'll peck out his pretty blue eyes;
With one lock of his golden hair
We'll thatch our nest when it grows bare."
"Many a one for him is moaning,
But none will know where he is gone;
O'er his white bones, when they are bare,
The wind will blow for evermore."


  1. Very cool! Plus you get points for a Python reference :)

  2. Shauna, I've been saying that so long I'd forgotten where it came from! (You can call me, um, vintage.) :~p

  3. I love that song! It is a little gruesome, but I like it anyway. :)) And you art piece is really wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful Fokart Doll Morrigan is. Love this piece and all that went into its creation.

  5. She's seriously amazing!!! Really starting to worry that wooden spoons are going to start showing up in my work though... why didn't I think of that?!?!?! :)


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