Jan 8, 2011

Hey Mither! Got any bird-theed?

Sorry.  That is the punchline from a joke I can't even remember.  I just can never forget the punch line.  Welcome to my world.  Huh-huh.

I was SUPPOSED to clean my room the last couple of days.  Did I?  NOOOOO.  I made birds.  Lots of 'em.  And then I dug up this little box of unfinished wooden blocks I'd scored at a thrift shop...and well, long story short, the room is still a horrific mess.

But I have all these birds to list tomorrow!  :~)

I really need to get that studio clean...*sigh*


  1. Maybe we can trade rooms, and you can clean the disaster I work in. I was wondering if it would help me to buy lots of organizing bins - lol! Sigh. I love your little birds! They are adorable. :) Xox!

  2. Ahhhhhh! They are so adorable. I've been meaning to clean up my work closet/office/studio also. Apparently though, I can find everything else that needs to be done first. Maybe that's part of being creative... having messes that can't seem to get clean. :)

  3. Adorable birds...and you know what??!! My house is clean but it took me all day and now I have dinner plans and no time left to create before heading back to the office tomorrow. I'm wishing my house/studio was a mess and I had birds :)

  4. I love these birds! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I found yours!

  5. Life was better served by making little birds.

  6. Hi Jan... I am loViNg these alpha-block-birds! ;) too cute! ;) xo

  7. Thanks guys! I still haven't cleaned up my room, but I don't feel so bad about it now. heehee.

    In FACT, I played around some more and made another art doll. So there. :~)


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