Jan 4, 2011

More for Spring...


  1. Cute! Did you make the frame?

    Thanks for the comment, sometimes I think my dolls look a bit ugly before they're painted but I always end up thinking they're pretty afterward so I have to be patient :)

    I see you like Regretsy...a little mean sometimes (I guess) but hilarious!!! I think I might be honored if my work made it on there even if she did make fun of it :)

  2. No, I found the little crown shaped box at a thrift store, unpainted. My first thought was something "princessy" for a girl's room, but then Bea asserted herself.

    I have no pity for the folks featured on Regretsy. And I have seen one artist who sold like CRAZY after her little bug-eyed angel was featured! :>}


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