Jan 12, 2011

Okay, almost done.

I bit the big one...and actually cleaned my room today.  Well, almost cleaned it.  I still have to sort through

a. beading & jewelry supplies
b. sewing notions, buttons, and trim
c. add-ons/potential doll stuff

But considering the room was so crapped out there wasn't even room to put my paint plate on the table, I think it's a good start.  I had to fight like Superman against the Kryptonite of the dreaded distractions "....oh, but THIS could be used for..."  and "Oh COOL!  I didn't know I had THIS!"

Here are some pictures of the room.  On the left are two wall cabinets (first pic shows one) that hold maybe eight large plastic tubs of fabric, and above it are potential doll supplies, etc.  The right side is for sewing, the center table is where I sculpt/paint/build dolls.  The Hubs made a couple of peg-boards for me over the last couple years, so I have the Hobby Supplies all strung up everywhere, and ribbon goes on dowels.  It's an organized mess, but now I know where it all is, AND I can actually walk all the way around the central table.  :~)  HUGE difference from this morning.  :~)

From the door of the room...

Sewing desk, and the Hobby Supplies mess.  :~)

I got a CD rack for paint at the thrift shop last week.

Over-flow fabric in a plastic shoe organizer...

Ready to PAINT!

My Studio Buddy, Gibbons.


  1. Love the cd rack turned paint holder! How did you hang your dowel rod to hold ribbon? Ribbon is the bane of my existence, I never know how to store it.

  2. I thread it onto a dowel, then put cup-hooks in the wall, and loop the ends of the dowel into circles of ribbon...do a zoom and maybe you can see them. It works to let it hang out from the wall.

  3. Okay, you are officially my new hero! I have GOT to do this. Last night I tried to paint and I had about 6 sqaure inches. AND I kept getting polyfill fibers in the paint - lol! I hope to start this weekend. Your work area looks gorgeous! xox Pam

  4. I love the ribbon rack on the wall up top - I would love something like that.... did you make it, or purchased?

    I love looking in people's studios!!!

  5. Oop - should have read all the comments first! I see I'm not the only fan of your ribbon holder!


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