Jan 17, 2011

Playing with faces...

I was dinkin' around with my sketchbook (note to self...sketchbook needs to be unlined paper from now on) and sketching faces.  Using the Vogue magazine the hubs got me while I was in the hosp. last fall, (does he even KNOW me?) I had some good go-by's on "perfect" faces at least, although those are not my favorite to draw.  Call it self-aggrandizement, but I prefer vast imperfections in a face...the sort of Willem Dafoe, John Malcovich imperfection mesmerizes me...

Anyway, I won't show all the little face-studies, but they were fun.  A page full of little faces is interesting in its own way.  But this lady was what stuck in my head.  I think I will paint her in gauche watercolors, in peach and brown and aqua tones, but washy.  (The cool thing about gauche is its opaque/transparent versatility.)  I'll leave the portrait part off center, with barely-there texture, or reeeelly faded roses to fill up the remaining space.  Not sure if she'll work in an oval frame, but that's what I envision.  What do you think?


  1. I love her. Honestly, I can see her in an oval frame, offset from the center... although that may just be my personal preference showing through. Great sketch. I love face studies.

  2. Fantastic! I'm trying sketching but no where near that good.


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