Jan 11, 2011

The Things We Do For Love

Sometime last summer I snagged a bag of kids' blocks at the thrift shop.  Not the cute little alphabet blocks, but the big, chunky stack-up-to-build-a-fort kind of blocks.  As you surely understand, I had NO clue what to do with them, only that they were intrinsically valuable.  For something.  Sometime.  Of course they were.  And they were only three bucks for the whole bag!

So I put them in a wire hanging basket, and mostly forgot them, except for peering at them once in a while.

But last week, when I went in to my studio to meditate on what I could do to avoid cleaning it, the blocks spoke up, and one in particular had an idea for me.

This idea joined with some little bean-stalk seeds planted by a novel I'd been unable to forget (Jasper Fforde's "The Big Over Easy"--you'll never be able to forget it either...) to become my version of Humpty Dumpty.  Only Humpty, regardless of any king's horses or men, DID manage to put himself together, because you see...he was motivated.

Sometimes, we just have to keep it together for the kids' sake.

...as always, click to zoom in, back button to zoom out...


  1. LOVE HIM!!! I always enjoy seeing what fellow artist come up with when it comes to reusing an item. What an awesome idea!!


  2. He is amazing! And I love that he is holding an egg. Beautiful work! xox Pam

  3. He's wonderful!!! The "bridge" is a great touch, and Humpty's expression is priceless.

  4. I really like your Humpty Dumpty (and that he is motivated)! That really was a great use for the block. :-)

  5. I love this!!! His face is awesome!!! That block for the brige is great idea!

  6. Wow this is really awesome. Note to self "avoiding cleaning the studio is a good thing"
    I love the regretsy site in your side bar Jan. LMAO!

    Feathers too, right Jan?? I have that cabinet. LOL!!
    Special rocks too. I love it.
    I know exactly what you are saying about the familiar.
    suckwati, oh how perfect, roflmao!!

  7. Oh that's great! So is your phrasing, "...meditate on what I could do to avoid cleaning it…" :)

  8. What a character! :oD He's adorable!


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