Jan 23, 2011


Spoons.  How silly is this?  But they're both already made into very strange assemblage dolls, and I am having a blast!  Have I mentioned I LOVE sculpting?  Click to zoom, and more pictures once they're done.  (The hubs said I should just hang them up the way they are.  Silly boy.)


  1. I love your spoon doll! You could just hang her like that. She looks very mysterious and like she has an interesting story to tell. :) I've been playing with paperclay and one of these days, I just might finish something. It could happen! xox

  2. ha ha! I have a spoon at home with a face I sculpted onto it too! Go check out studiowillich.com which is where I got the idea to do the spoon thing. She is REALLY an AWESOME artist!


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