Feb 16, 2011

Gourds again!

A couple of finished dolls...

Boanne, a tiny river goddess...

Erin, even tinier lord of mischief.


  1. I love gourds! you made them so cute, my favorite is the green guy o)

  2. oooh, i hadn't pictured eris brown but he looks awesome! they both look terrific! how, dare i ask, did you get that finnish on them (if you can't tell, that's cool)...they look like they've been kiln fired...

  3. Huge mystery, Amber... ;~)
    It's just matte Modge Podge.

    I wasn't sure I liked the finish...I wanted it to be more matte, and this stuff has a little satin sheen to it. Kiln fired, eh? If that were the case they'd be little tiny piles of ash. teehee


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