Feb 16, 2011


Between the wood dolls and the gourd dolls, I've been busy.

On some earlier post, I'd mentioned finding a monster stash of doll eyes at the thrift shop.  Then there were all these gourds laying around, waiting to be turned into something interesting.  Besides, I want to submit a gourd art doll to Art Doll Quarterly's gourd challenge.  I have gourd dolls already made, but decided to make something for the occasion.

Sooooo....  I gave them eyes.  And have sculpted faces.  Oh boy have I been having fun sculpting faces! 

The end result is a sort of cross between nature totems and spirit dolls.  Although I must admit having the silly things all lined up and staring at me was a bit unnerving at first.  It's better now they have faces. 

Some WIP photos... (don't be scared.  They'll get painted later.)
One of them looks a little like Peter Lorre, doesn't he? 


  1. These are going to be absolutely fabulous!!!

    can't wait to see the all finished...and what you submit to ADQ.
    i love the little devil guy.

    i never could quite get the hang of sculpting around doll eyes. i bought a bunch when i first got into making dolls...but they were hard for me to work with.
    how did you feel about working with them..?

  3. Amber, they are tricky--especially since I'm trying to stay true to the shape of the gourd and not create a "face shape" for them to fit into.

    But a little coil of paper clay around them...not too bad.

  4. Wow, these are great! I've never been inspired to work with gourds but I really like what you're doing with these. Thanks for sharing, the faces look great and awesome thrift store find, isn't that the best?!


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