Mar 23, 2011

Finally! New listing in the Etsy shop.

I think I posted about Sydney a while back...but I've finally gotten around to adding listings.  The last few months have seen me making dolls, but not putting them in the shop.  The hubs rather dryly mentioned that it's hard to buy something that's not in the store...(he is a smart ass, but I knew this when I married him.)

The new pictures I got of Sydney helped...I've created a backdrop and am considering using white as a backdrop for more listings.  The vintage table/shutters thing for now, but later I'm going to try a trick I learned on Etsy about how to make a "white box" for photographing smaller things.  Guess we'll see.

For now, Sydney is up for adoption.  (She's a very good listener...)


  1. She is just delightful!

  2. Sydney is magnificent!!! I love how she turned out.

  3. Sydney is so sweet, and she does look like a good listener. I am doing the same thing - making things and not listing them! LOL! Listing them is not the fun part, I guess. Still, your hub has a point! Maybe I can list one thing today. Maybe. :) xox

  4. Hi Jan! Sydney is adorable... the articulated arms are perfect. And do not despair, re: your copy of PRIMS... My copy arrived early due to the publication of the article. Daryle

  5. LOL!, you're going to try and trick Esty...I've tried too! sometimes it works others not! Husband may be a Smart ass, but he is right, I know, because it's something else I do too, procrastinate taking photos! But really I love Sydney's back drop.

    be well,

  6. OoooH! She is fantastic!!


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