Mar 30, 2011

Gearing Up...

Only two weekends between now and our art fair here in San Antonio! 

I will probably lose five lbs just fretting and fussing over inconsequential things like tablecloths and 'where in the hell did I put those price tags???'

I am better at the people part of the job: speaking to strangers is not something that comes naturally to the hubs.

But he's WAY better at the logistics side, so we make a good team.  He's gotten another leather scrapbook commission to work on, so he'll be busy evenings and weekends on that, and on the last few belt buckles, day planners, and zodiac notebook covers.

The King Williams Fair is a fun, colorful, wildly busy time, and I am looking forward to it...there's a huge parade, tons of kid stuff, bands playing, and somewhere around three hundred artists showing ONLY handmade work.  Silly hats and costumes are part of the I'm wondering if I should make a costume.  I'm spinning around about there only being two weekends, I'll stick with the one I already have from a Ren Faire in Florida...  There are dolls to make and tablecloths to wash!

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