Mar 12, 2011

In the Garden

It's funny...for weeks now, I've thought, "Oh, I need to get blog pictures of all the new green things around here!"  I was busy digging the last of the perennial beds, (the total of which now about equals the square footage of our 2,000 sq ft house!) and planting the veggies, herbs, reseeding the annual flowers, etc.  Each tiny seed that sprouts and each tree bud seemed to say "Hurry!  Get the camera!"

So yesterday I did...and y'know?  It's just not very impressive from a distance.  And it occurred to me; this is still only mid March!  The camera won't pick up the verdant lush nature of this place until mid April or later, once the flowers have started blooming, and the veggie garden actually has some produce.  (Okay, besides lettuce and spinach cuttings every day.)

But I've been so excited after the winter--every little leaf budding out makes me want to shout!  Woohooooo!  Spring!!!

I know--our winter here is only three months long.  And even then it's not so much cold as it is just bare and sleeping.  Come visit in July for an accurate picture of the downside to such a mild winter.  But back to the point.  Garden pictures!

I went ahead and took a few, because I was embarrassed to post a picture of last years' peach blossoms in the last post.  So...for now, until I can get some good April pictures, here is some of the garden.  (Click to zoom.)

Foreground; broccoli and Brussels sprouts, background; peas.
Spinach, lettuce, and more peas!
Mmmmm.  Red cabbage!
More Mmmmm!  Asparagus.  Plants are still too young to harvest.  Maybe a few spears this fall...
The oak to the left has flower catkins on it (you should hear the cloud of bees in it) but the rest of the trees in the distance are still barely budding out yet.  The peach is happy, but we still can't let her make that huge load of peaches or it'll break her branches.  She's just a little over 6 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of about 2 inches.

But she looks awefully nice in her spring finery, eh?

The Peggy Martin climbing rose has grown 8 feet in one year!  Multiplier onions in the foreground...
The last of the perennial beds, and Schultz standing on the new grass seed to fill out the bare dirt.  Silly dog.

Not much rain this year, so not many wildflowers...but we still have our Texas Bluebonnets.
The new bed again.  See the giant fire ant mound in the foreground? 
This is Pete.  He guards the house when we're gone.


  1. It's impressive to me ~ and delightful too!

    Our snow is still melting … still melting … and there were a few flakes falling this morning, yet most of my main vegetable garden is exposed full to the warming rays of the sun and I see the first of my indoor sprouts showing their little heads today!

  2. I wish I was a gardener.. I'd love to grow my own veg...I guess I'm a bit late to plant things if yours are already sprouting.. more than sprouting!
    The Blossom looks so beautiful.

  3. Wow! It is Spring there! We are just getting thawed out, and my daffodils have begun to sprout! YAY! :)) Pam

  4. Oh wow I'd give anything to have that...Of course you have it all...the fence and the dog! I have the deer boo hoo no fence and no dog.


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