Mar 31, 2011

More Gourds!

This is Patience, the newest listing in the shop.  Her listing description tells what all she's made of--I still have one more scrap of that woven trim she's wearing.  Guess I'll be warping the loom again if I want any more of that wild, multi-colored pattern.

I finally finished all the gourd dolls I'd some point I decided to aim for a lower price point by doing less sculpting on the paper clay, (which takes a long time because I get carried away).  This one is my favorite of the "simple" ones.  The rest are fun, varying from silly, to sweet, to downright ridiculous, because you can never have too many three eyed parrots.  (More pictures tomorrow.)

But for now, have Patience.  (teehee.)


  1. I am in love with this doll. Love.

  2. She is so sweet. I love her hair! And the little Earth badge. :))


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