Apr 4, 2011

The garden in April.

This won't be a long post...just lots of pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.
(click to zoom.)
The veggie garden gate, w/ asparagus growing 5 ft tall to the left...

Honeysuckle vine in her third year.  Even with so few blooms, you can smell this one from ten feet away.

Lady Banks Rose, almost finished for the spring.

The Schultz, lounging by the back deck.


"Romer's Hip-Happy"...I grow this one for the huge rose hips.  The roses are just a benny.  :~)

This is a six-foot chain link fence, and only the second spring for this climber--"Peggy Martin", the Katrina Rose.

See all the buds yet to bloom?  She's very happy here. 

We have little green lizards alllll over the place.  I give them places to hide from the cat.

This Chaste-berry tree (vitex) is in her third spring.  She was only two feet tall in '09.

Burr Oak just leafing out, w/ a huge cocoon of some sort...measures over two inches long.  Waiting, watching...

A poppy, and my feet.

Larkspur self-seeded--EVERYWHERE.

A red "Knock-Out" rose.  Very young, but going strong.  Lemon-grass behind, agave in front in the pot.

The Schultz is ready to go in, Mom...


  1. I want your larkspur! I want your garden!!!! I haven't begun to clean up the garden yet, and you're nearly full bloom! Great inspiration Jan!

    lots of hugs,

  2. We are just thawing out, and the grass is getting greener. I love your garden! And I have little toads houses, because my dogs and cats like to torture the poor things. Happy gardening!! xox Pam

  3. How fun it is to visit your garden! I see your lizards have a 5 stars treatment! Also, I am VERY intrigued by this cocoon..what's inside?

  4. I especially love your veggie garden, but it is all wonderful! I am quite jealous!


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