Apr 2, 2011

Gotta run, but....

I'm on my way out--lots of gardening to do today.  (And if I run out of gardening chores, I'll make some up!)

But I figured a "family photo" of the finished gourd dolls is in order.  Jester Pete is missing, since he's currently at the headquarters of Art Doll Quarterly, awaiting his turn in the autumn issue, but the rest of the gang is here.  Bad photo, I know, but it's what i had at the time.

Be well and have a FABULOUS weekend, everybody!


  1. I am so intrigued by those gourd dolls!
    I love the family portrait Jan! It is very colourful!

  2. I love this portrait! It's wonderful to see them all together. A colorful gang. :)) I hope you have a lovely day in the garden. We are still wet and drippy here, but nice weather is coming next week. xox Pam

  3. how wonderful to see the all together! i love the vampire and the little one below her in red, white, and blue...


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