Apr 21, 2011

Hermits' Garden at King William Fair

Like I promised, pictures of our booth.  It was windy at first, so we had to hold the booth down w/ sand bags and small water tanks.  I lost two dolls to the wind...note to self: make them with reeeeelly solid bases, or put them at the back of the booth.

Another lesson learned: never assume people understand they can come IN if they just go around the corner of the booth.  Nevertheless, the wind died down, the temperatures stayed perfect, and it was a good day.
(Click twice to enlarge pictures.)

Belt Buckles, "Good Bones", and other oddities

Our space was 10 x 15, so we had room for the Schutlz in his playpen at the back.

Keyfobs on a screen, lots of dolls, and calico birds.

We usually do two booths, so the two signs go across the front...

Not real busy until after the parade was over...then it got crazy!

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