Apr 12, 2011

King William Fair!

Today I've washed all our tablecloths, re-rigged some of our displays to make better use of our space, and printed new little price signs.  Along with finishing up some rabbit dolls I designed last week.  Just in time--I have two more days of prep time to go...and it always seems like I spin around in circles getting ready for an event.

Phil's job is to step on one of my feet so I have to be still for a minute.  (My hyper-detail-oriented Virgo nature never seems to come out until NOW, of all times.)  Sooooo, while it seems I've got everything done, I can list tons of things that need checking and sorting, and oooh, a couple more lists to make, and...

Sorry.  Here's a picture and a link if you wanna go check out this terrific one-day event that takes place April 16th here in San Antonio.  Held in the historic district w/ tours of the old homes, a parade, bands, kids' games, carnival food, and hand-made only art vendors--hundreds of them!  And Hermits' Garden is among them this year--Hooyah!  :~) 

If you're here in San Antonio, come see us--we'll be at the corner of Washington and Turner streets, across from the park and stage.

King William Fair--part of San Antonio's Spring Fiesta!


  1. That looks like a great time! I wish I was closer so we could go- we are six hours away!

  2. I love San Antonio! I have lovely memories of visiting there as a kid. I hope you sell lots of your art and have a wonderful time. It looks like fun! xox Pam

  3. This sounds and looks like a wonderful event ~ Best Wishes!!!

  4. I hope it went well for you guys.
    You also won the African trade bead brooch!!

  5. Well, look what I missed! Did you have a good day, sell a lot? My son and daughter in-law live in Waco, they used to live in Dallas, but after she finished school, that's where her internship was! Son still commutes to Waco for his job. Okay, I really do need to finish my sculpts, and clean the house, guess who's having Easter!

    Lots of hugs,


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