Apr 26, 2011

Who am I? Where is my car?

Last week was crazy.  While wrapping up from the art fair (who uses that many tablecloths???), we had two rent-house closings--one was a refinance on the first, and the second was the purchase closing on the second rent house.  Lots of signatures and bank paperwork.

But the second one dominos over into this week, because as soon as we close, it's time to get the rehab started so we can get it rented!  Utilities on, paint colors picked, contractors who need codes the lockbox, oh--and a new For Rent sign for the yard, because I painted the last one w/ permanent black paint and now my phone is dead.  Sooooo a new one w/ HIS number on it.  Yeah, boring details, but it's one way to build up a retirement fund that won't go down the toilet every time the stock market wobbles.

For now, I have pictures of roses.  The Peggy Martin rose I'd posted earlier hit her prime for the season...she'll bloom a little more on and off over the summer, but will likely wait to really re-bloom this fall.

If you're ever shopping for roses/landscaping/plants and find this rose, get it.  It'll climb twenty to thirty feet (doesn't "climb" but when tied, it grows loooooong ramblies) and it seems impervious to bugs, mildew, etc.  Rose growers call this one "The Katrina Rose": Peggy Martin was a rose grower in New Orleans, LA.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, she had over 300 varieties of roses on her place.  Everything was flooded and covered in salt water and debris.  This was the only rose that came back.  Proceeds from the sale of this one go to continued hurricane restoration in New Orleans...

And now, back to my regularly scheduled madness.  Time to run errands.  (How many switch-plates and towel bars was I supposed to buy?...)


  1. You are one busy camper! I love that rose, and I will keep my eye out for it. Might be too cold here in the winter for me to grow it, but I'll check. Happy towel rack buying! :)) xo Pam

  2. I feel like life has sped up too.
    At least you are not bored right?
    Me either, tired but not bored, ever!
    Great story about the rose, thanks for sharing that.
    I am so glad you like your brooch.

  3. Oh, building materials... fun fun fun~ LoL
    Jan what a beautiful story about the rose. I love it!


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