May 17, 2011

Mmmm, tomatoes...

With my job recently leaning toward a 60/30/10 split right now (that is the real estate to housework to art ratio) I am especially grateful for a few days of cooler temps and actual rain--so the garden can sort of tend itself a short while.  Last Thursday's half an inch might not have been enough, but it was something and the landscape breathed a big sigh of thanks.

Apparently the tomato plants were happy about it too.  They smell so good, still warm from the sun...

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  1. You have maters already? Awesome. I'm up for a tomato sandwich. NOTHING is better than homegrown tomatoes. :) Maybe champagne, but that is an entirely different subject. We are getting so much rain, my back yard looks like a jungle. It is beyond green here. Uber green! xox Pam


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