May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Philosophies

My morning began at 1:00 a.m. because I couldn't sleep. Then I had coffee, which didn't help.  Well, it did help, because by then it was time to get up anyway.  But overall, I had more than the usual amount of wool-gathering, net-surfing, and laundry hauling time on my hands. 

Old picture...Jan making Duck Lips.   Maaaaaybe too much coffee.

1. Being a forgetful coffee drinker has probably given me more walking exercise than I ever got at the gym.  I have walked miles in my lifetime looking for my coffee cup.
2. There are many people on Etsy who really don't know what Vintage means.  I prefer to think they really don't know, because the alternative is less pleasant.
3.  One of the best ways to derail a good night's sleep after the midnight potty-break is to get thinking of the day's To Do list. 

Hope your Monday--and the rest of your week--is fabulous.


  1. I hope yours is too. :) And restful, as well.

  2. I look like that on Mondays only with dark brown hair! I emailed you just now too.


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