Jun 10, 2011

Had to Revise my Listing!

I made a mistake when I wrote the listing for my little birds...

Got too specific with it, when the listing was meant for a collective.  So instead of writing it as "you get one of these little birds", I wrote, "you get this bird, or convo me for a different one".  Bad form, really, borne of ignorance. 

I sold a lot of these birds-on-blocks at the King William Fair last April,  which is good, but I forgot to update the listing, which is bad.  So a lady buys the L bird and the bird on the collective listing, only I don't have it anymore.  I'm hoping she will be happy with one of the others...

Revised the listing this morning, and loving the new photos, but I really hate when I make a dumb, avoidable mistake and cause someone an inconvenience. 

Little Birds on Vintage Blocks
 Now to remind myself Pobody's Nerfect and get on with my day. 


  1. Nobody's perfect. They are all adorable. From your also-not-perfect friend, Pam :)

  2. It shall pass, live and learn! I think she'll be happy, and they are too cute!


  3. Ugh, life is inconvenient at times... these birds on blocks are whimsical and make me smile! Daryle


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