Jun 22, 2011

Izzy dolls in the works.

Finally got over my nerves and began the Izannah Walker Workshop dolls.  Dixie Redmond (awesome lady and fabulous teacher) says "start with three."  Three dolls at the same time...it's supposed to help with the perfectionist fear factor, and it really does help.

My first day was the worst--just cutting out the templates and parts to sew together.  I know how much the foundation affects the outcome.  But I did press on, and have three little head/torsos sitting in cups in my work room.

Their clay is dry, and I've done the face sculpting, but don't have pics of the sculpted part yet.  Still need to sand and get ready for another scary step: applying the stockinette over the clay.  Baby steps...

EDITED to add: Blogger is messing up right now...I've tried for ten minutes to put pictures in this post.  I have to stop for a while...It's said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

I'll be back to post pics when my sanity has returned.  :~\

EDITED to add: Yay!  Blogger is working again!!!  And I did post a sculpted Izzy...


  1. O!
    I'm jealous... ; ) I"ve been wanting to take the Izzy class forever! But, no time or money... lol! Please post pics of your progress soon! I would love to see how you do!

  2. I found your blog today and I am so blown away! You are so talented and have a great imagination! I am off to read more of your blog! I am following you now!

  3. Oh, Jan, I'm so glad you're doing this! Is it really that scary? I too have a fear of taking a class of this caliber. But oh, so worth it. So far of what I see, you are doing a great great job!
    Thanks for stopping by, I need the boost! or a boot kick, to get me going again.

    great weekend ahead!

  4. You're doing great, Jan. I love seeing dolls in progress.

    I need to take some lessons from you on making gourd dolls. I even have gourds that a kind doll-making acquaintance sent me. :-)


  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. :~D I did hands last night. I rock at hands. Who knew? Pictures soon.

    Dixie, done deal. I LOVE working with gourds...learned lots the hard way.


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