Jun 13, 2011

Newest Doll on Etsy

I began these dolls a month or so ago, started several of them at a time, but Sophia is the first one finished.  (I worked on four more yesterday, but they still have a way to go.)

Making myself promise to get these done before I started the Izannah Walker Inspired dolls from Dixie Redmond's class, but not sure I can wait that long.  The hub's likely to put an offer on another rent-house soon, so I'd best make dolls while I have the time.

I'd posted a WIP photo of the doll torsos all lined up.  Maybe I should start calling them DIPs (dolls in progress? :~) but here is the one with Sophia in the middle.

I originally saw a sort of Roaring Twenties Flapper Clara Bow character, but Sophia has insisted that she has no intention of flapping, and that I was badly mistaken in my original assessment.  Each doll has his or her own personality, no matter what I envision, and this lady turned out more like Lilleth on Cheers.  Anyway, I'm fond of her, and she does seem willing to listen to the other dolls and give advice, so who am I to argue?

Sophia - JD Conwell Folk Art Doll

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  1. Oh, I love her. She has the sweetest expression, and I love her flapper look. :) Beautiful work! xox Pam


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