Jun 14, 2011

Two more dolls finished today.

I'm trying to wrap up the wooden jointed dolls, but it's going slower than I thought.  I will have finished five by bedtime tonight (fingers crossed) but only two of them are ready right now.  So, let me introduce:


Amador is Cuban for "lover" and Amador is a total flirt.  He had way too much fun at his photo shoot today.

Next is Wimblie.  I really haven't been able to get a word out of Wimblie, even to the extent of determining gender.  It seemed rude to ask directly, since Wimblie was too shy to speak up.

I hope when I list this shy bunny, a kind-hearted person will be gentle and give Wimblie time to adapt to his or her new environment.


Thank you very much for stopping by.