Jul 15, 2011

First Izzy doll finished.

Well, I'm discovering they're never really finished.  This must be the very epitome of a doll...because I find myself seven years old again, wanting to make her new clothes and a hat, an apron maybe...she and her brother Vernon and sister Odessa have taken up entirely too much of my time and attention, but I can't seem to object.

Well, here's Enid (and her doll Rosa).


  1. These are precious...! I love these folk dolls, I have dreams of owning an Izanna...Its ok to dream...right? lol..But yours are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. She is lovely. Her dress color is perfect for her, and I love that calm, thoughtful expression. :) Isn't it nice to be 7 again? xox Pam

  3. GREAT doll! Just a beautiful little package. The painting on Enid is really lovely. Rosa is adorable!

  4. Enid is beautiful. Such wonderful sculpting and painting. I am in MAIDA,in the I.Z. workshop, and I still have my three I.Z. dolls to complete and I doubt if I can even begin to make the August 15th deadline, as I only have them sewn, stuffed, and the first layer of paper clay added...next is the sculpting of the faces...a lot of work is ahead of me. Thank you for posting your lovely I.Z. dolls.
    Teresa in CA


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