Jul 30, 2011


If there is a Holy Grail I've sought in all the decades I've made art in one form or another, it's been focus.  It seems always to elude me, except for that very specific kind when I'm deep in the middle of one project.  But in the general sense (feeling oxymoronic this morning), focus eludes me.  Focus actually stands just outside my peripheral vision and, with thumbs in ears and tongue sticking out, taunts "Nanee nanner nah nee! Yoooo can't catch meeeee!"

Focus has much in common with my younger sister at seven, apparently. 

Do you have problems with this concept, with being able to see the direction you want to go, and just...go there?   Do you draw a map first, or do you follow some innate focus that leads you?


  1. Ooo. Thought provoking. I usually have a few long term goals for doll making/sewing - more like a wish list of experiences that I want to have than goals. But I don't order them carefully and I never map out exactly how something is going to look. I'd rather just let things happen spontaneously.

  2. I have the same problem. Have no clue what I need to be doing.

    No spontaneous bits, no plans. Hopefully it will change.

    I love watching what you do with your dolls as you are so darn talented.

  3. Thank you Kristen...

    I had an idea the other day as a prompt for finding some direction. I'll post it this coming week-maybe it will help you too!

  4. Well I certainly need some focus, especially for the sewing part! I get, un-focused! Ya know, Jan, it would have taken me an hour to figure out how to spell out, nee ner neenah...focus! I will, it's all in my head to do it, but I'd like to read about your idea for a prompt.



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