Jul 2, 2011

Happy Independence Day and Goodbye to Wimblie.

I like saying Happy American Independence Day.  Feels good...and is more specific than Happy Fourth of July.  Let's just hope somebody doesn't decide it's not politic to say that.

The hubs and I spent the day running errands, taking the Fat Boy to the dealership for a tuneup...checking out a house we have an offer on...getting new glasses at the eye doc's.  We got home and I discovered someone has offered to give Wimblie a new home.  So Goodbye Wimblie.  I hope you like Ohio and they give you a soft, quiet place to live. 


  1. Wimbly looks slightly concerned. I LOVE his ear position. Your dolls are fantastic. Full of originality and character.

  2. Wimblie is fantastic! And I'm sure that Wimblie's new home will appreciate that and offer Wimblie lots of love.


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